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Presenting CM2P Artist
Charmaigne Scott

Charmaigne Scott Trio (CST)
Check out The Charmaigne Scott Trio (CST) appearing at this favorite Venue:
Cannery Row
Date: Call the Venues to find out!
Time: 830pm-Midnite
It's time to have some real, funky good fun! See ya there!

Our new vocal group, The SeaTones will make your hearts soar! Sea our photos soon. In the meantime, click the Songs link in the red menu area above to Sea the tunes we will sing for YOU in just a few weeks, so stay Toned!
Call for dates and then come on down! Visit The Charmaigne Scott Trio (CST) at Bullwackers on Cannery Row. Have some real, funky good fun listening to a superb variety of live music shows featuring local and non-local performers from 8pm-Midnite! See ya there!

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Click our new link to purchase and download your choice of CM2P mp3s from Charmaigne Scott's Jazz And Soul collection!

Take a break from multitasking and too many busy days. The kool sweltering qualities of this music blends the funkiness of unrequited love with the steaminess of ghettomacation. Charmaigne says her vocal inspiration is always drawn from the excellence, genius, and creativity of great American and International songwriters, musicians and singers as well as fans like YOU!Think about it: Shouldn't YOU book one of our bands for that very special event or just for a change of pace? Wonderful! Call CM2P: 831.440.8781 for easy negotiations. Then, pay a CM2P retainer for the best music entertainment that you have ever contracted! That's all there is to it! We will do the rest to ensure your event is the best, ever!

As executive producer for CM2P and Charmaigne Scott Music, BMI; Ms. Scott assembled a team of professionals to create her Jazz And Soul mp3 collection. It is gaining airplay in the quad-county area with multiple plays over local radio stations. Your requests to radio stations and other music outlets will help this beautiful work of art-Charmaigne Scott's Jazz And Soul music become a national hit and international treasure.
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FYIWe are determined to realize one of our main goals to initializing the construction, managment, and success of the Seaside Performing Arts Center (SeaPAC). That is why we are establishing the CM2P/SEAPAC building fund for contributions. We hope the following 3 goals from our mission statement inform and whet your appetite for putting Seaside on the map as a hub of holistic artistry.

    1) Establish SeaPAC as a state of the art community center to host renowned artists, visitors, teachers, mentors and most importantly, students.
    2) Educate students in perfecting their art and how to become entrepreneurial survivalists to effectively compete and triumph against Hollywood-type odds.
    3) Create a beautiful and conducive atmosphere for inviting professional talent who pledge to inspire and cultivate perpetual pools of local and international talent to help grow Seaside.

Projection:SeaPAC aims to become a successful, well-established venue within the next five years. Check in with us to see how we are managing these goals. Thank you for your help and generous donation to bring SeaPAC to life
Download Your Jazz And Soul singles.
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