OK. OK. OK. I'm NOT a great editor yet. Still, I have lots of footage to learn from and more shows to produce.
So, while I work on that next degree; stay tuned.


Many thanks to the creative CSUMB people who assisted:

1.) Production crew and crew members, including
a) Timothy McCarley-Video Producer
b) Douglas Farris-Sound Engineer

2) Other folks who really were there when I wanted to disappear.
a) LeVonne Stone-Mistress of Ceremonies
b) The participating families and churches of Seaside and elsewhere.

3) CSUMB Professors, faculty and staff
a) Shirlene Campbell
b) the Institutes of CST, MPA and TAT


You helped create the ambience of the Sister Deola! God's Singer! New Millennium, Pre-Easter Concert with decorations and refreshments. You also manned the video cameras and provided the live sound recording of my capstone project.

Your advice and suggestions were always right on the money. I would be honored if you would work with me in future events. Remember: The more we give, the more we get, the more we try, the more we learn.
I love you all!
Bye, for now.

Charmaigne Scott


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