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Charmaigne Scott 

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UC Berkeley Masters in Public Policy program: MPP
CSU Dominguez Hills online Masters Degree programs: CSUDH
Charmaigne's research and capstone project:
"Divas of The Gospel"
Charmaigne's MSMIT research, capstone project:
IP and DRM for the Music Entrepreneurship
Charmaigne's undergraduate research:
Plants, Herbs and Foods of Mesoamerica

("Art of the Aztec Empire" course by Dr. Rubin Mendoza):
Charmaigne Scott's CSUMB ISSM 400 coursework: Portfolio
Charmaigne Scott's CSUMB ILP: Portfolio 2001
My linear editing course movie review assignment:
The Joy Luck Club

This section contains poetry, writings and other musings from lots of folks!

Charmaigne's views:

Passalongs from everyone!

  1. Very Special Delivery
  2. This is for YOU!
  3. Here's another one for YOU!
  4. Happy Mothers Day!
  5. If U want to have a chuckle, or 2; Look around, here! :0)
  6. Visit David Hohmann's amazing tribute to Azteca and other expressionistic, original art!

Hear Me Calling

This lovely song was written by bassist/composer, Aaron Nason, sung by Charmaigne Scott. We think Skype should choose it for a new advertising campaign. The lyrics, mood, music, and singing are a perfectly Skype fit! Get your copy and let us know what you think about this version of the Monterey Bay sound.