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Charmaigne Scott


To: Yes, U!

Date: JULY 2001

CM2P Newsletter


This is the 5th edition of the CM2P Newsletter. It is haerd to believe but it is true. I have finally earned my BA degree! I think I hold the world record for taking the longest to earn one. My loved ones and mentors all deserve credit for their part in my successful graduation. My mind is frayed, crackling like static electricity. I need a vacation, NOW! Still, I must complete the chores that remain before I can take time off and give myself a break.

You guessed it. I am in the throes of repairing my damaged website. This is tedious work but if you are now able to view this and the other links correctly, then, I have succeeded and am probably on my way to Maine or Hawaii. Hahaha. Yep.

OK, well, what's next, you ask? Clean the house, garage, yard, prepare for that MA degree that starts in September and install ecommerce onto this site. We have produced three artists so far and have another to complete in the next six weeks. This will increase our product catalog to four items for sale.

Not much else to say at the moment except that I will be singing in San Jose at the Three Flames on July 14, 2001. Check out the Email and Calendar for more information.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Time for me to get back to work so, seeya soon! Bye.

Charmaigne Scott

Charmaigne Scott