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This area is being revised. However, you can take a look to see where it was going and hopefully, provide some suggestions. The fill-in portions no longer work and are being changed to suit new browsers, etc. Still, have a look at past attempts to deliver some artistic exposure. Click on the following questionnaire designed to increase awareness of Sister Deola! God's Singer! Although she became deceased in 2003, her memory and legacy live on in the hearts of all who heard her lovely singing spirit. Hit the submit button after filling it out to see if it works for some reason... Your input will help generate a groundswell of interest in the music ministry of Sister Deola! God's Singer!

Sister Deola shared her memories and aspirations when interviewed while creating her only professional recording: Pure Gospel. Her story spans the influential legacy of African Americans' healing, music styles. Many members and leaders of the male and female, Gospel singing groups were among Sister Deola's close relationships. Check out this National memory archived by the Library of Congress: Gospel Music from the USA. If you want to contribute more information and your knowledge about this Gospel Family, just email and let us know. Find out more about Gospel Music Diva associations with your friends.


Sister Deola's "PURE GOSPEL" is NOW, downloadable!

Also, download the mp3s of her sisters; The Settles Sisters of Chicago, instead. Their "Real Gospel" mp3s are available, NOW!!!

Finally, the mp3s of our loved-ones are available to family and friends who miss these wonderful, inspired, fun and loving women of God. The one remaining Settles Sister is our favorite Aunt Laurie Reynolds. She is still singing up a storm for the Lord wherever she travels. We will keep you posted on where you can see and hear her sweet voice.

Thankfully, the technologies of today can help preserve the memories of their lives filled with devotion and good works. Now you can listen to the Settles Sisters of Chicago, singing some good, old-fashioned: "Real Gospel"!

Now, you can access the mp3s of singing by the inimitable, Sister Deola! God's Singer! "Pure Gospel".This fine collection of 10 Gospel songs sung by the one and only, Sister Deola Bookerwill bring you hours of joy as you listen and singalong. Every task will become light and you will succeed. Let Sister Deola! God's Singer! sing you through it all, the rough and the smooth.

You can burn these mp3s to your favorite digital player; or, get the CD exclusively by mail order. To place your order for a physical CD of CM2P artists, just contact CM2P: 831.440.8781.


While you are at it, enjoy this wonderful TD Jakes prayer to download and share.God will love getting this TD Jakes Prayer: A Prayer to GOD from YOU!

The Hidden Valley Music Seminars continues hosting conferences featuring various artists.

Sister Deola and her husband, Elder George Booker are featured in the following clip of rare footage, appearing in
Gospel concert at Hidden Valley Music Seminars in Carmel Valley, CA (1993).
See and hear Sister Deola and Rev. George E. Booker, together!

The following clips are also available with more credits on one page by clicking SisterDeolaBooker.html.

Professor Richard Bains-Music and Performing Arts Institute, Director
1st New Millennium Pre-Easter Gospel Concert with the CSUMB Gospel Choir
directed by Professor Paulette Gissendanner includes a lovely sax solo by Paul Contos.
Bobby Peoples-Organ, Jabari-Drums-LeVonne Stone-MC & Booker Family members
Shayla; Uncle Larry Settles-Minister

Listen to this great Gospel Diva and learn about the African American experience in the USA. You will be glad you have heard our special Angel sing.

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