MTX Band members: Snappy dressing, fellas.  You looked really nice last nite!


rw: looking forward to seeing u all dolled up...


everyone: let's keep the dress4success protocol, ok? OK! seeya next week...


We have new dates for MTX in October and November at Severino's. However, we must do some feasibility reconfiguring.  Please consider this issue and lend your input if you care to.


We know our principals in the band and must, therefore, tailor MTX accordingly. This will allow all performers to be paid fairly.  You advice is important for future engagements on a grander scale and for the overall success of MTX.


We hope that the entire MTX band, including horn section, percs, etc., can play the Catalyst and other venues soon. Ronny, thanx for the suggestion. We will take your advice to make a MTX demo. This can be accomplished during the first week of October; semester break from CSUMB.


FYI: Last nite, did i ask if u wanna play music wit us in the park on Sunday in Pacific Grove at 4pm-ish for a half hour?  If u ain't busy, u git $25.00 for gas money. Plus, it’ll be a fun opportunity to play some good ol' time religion Gospel backing up my momma, Sister Deola! God's Singer!


So, thank you if you are already planning to accompany us tomorrow.  Otherwise, I hope u can accompany us at the Peace Jubilee in Scholtz Park this Sunday, Sept 8. It is an all day event: family and friends are welcome.  You will get fed and meet some kool peaceniks.


My Mother, Sister Deola! God's Singer! is the finale act and I am so happy for another chance to sing with her.  I think this event is just what the dr. ordered! 


The organizers have requested that we arrive around 330pm to setup, etc.  Please call me right when you are ready to leave your home so we can determine whether it will be easier for you to just come to our house and caravan.

1)    home     (831) 393-1011

2)    cell        (831) 915-8187


Again, thanx very much; we'll have a good time at a fairly basic gig and make a few bux. Email me right back to let me know you got this, OK?  OK!  Byeeee.  Cs


Name of Park:  Scholtz Park at corner of Lighthouse and Dickman in New Monterey.  Go through the tunnel from Monterey and at the second signal is the park on the corner.  It is in front of the Monterey Senior Center.


 Directions to caravan from our house at 330pm: 

To get to our house: a href="/drctns2rhaus.htm">See your email!


lemme know wazup.