CM2P Newsletter
August 2001

Dear Mr. JT and all,

Very nice to hear from and to have met you. We think you are an absolutely phenomenal bassist! I know you can sang, too! Do you have a CD? I love your SHADOWZ Band website! We hope to take a little time off and visit our Oregonian friends.

Who knows, maybe some www collaborations need to happen. I can see it now...

Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts Degree

The Wholy Water Studio (TWWS)

Mission Statement

Musicians, Singers and OIPs form a collaborative, web-based multimedia production company.

Defn: OIPs-Other Interested Parties-yep, I just coined the OIP phrase to include supporters along with those who have made it and want to contributeto the success of TWWS!

  • The mission of TWWS:
    Fulfill the needs of a collaborative membership consisting of promising talent and OIPs.
  • The purpose of TWWS:
    Become a think-tank forum for long-distance and virtual music production.
  • How to contact TWWS:
    Struggling artists can fill out a request form that helps them specify developmental needs. A choice to submit a sample of the work in question is also available.
  • What TWWS offers:
    We will examine the request form and work sample to determine if and what action TWSS can take. If TWWS can not assist the artist, we will try to provide a reference to a different source.
  • TWWS membership:
    $10.00 a year. This gets a response from the email submission form and entry into a collaborative effort.
  • TWWS says your work is good:
    Then, we will determine what it will actually cost to produce your work, send you an invoice that includes the cost of each step in the process. You can sign the agreement/approval to commence or not. We are reasonably negotiable.

  • A scenario example

    The artist is a great soloist or composer and believes their work merits the attention of TWWS.

    1. They fill out the TWWS membership form and submit it.
    2. The form asks leading questions that prompt the artist to check yes, no, or maybe boxes. A section is also provided for details of where their work is in the creative process. Sections are also provided for additional comments, services, etc.
    3. The form is then submitted and goes through the TWWS database. Within 72 hours, TWWS determines whether assistance can be provided and an email response is generated.

    TWWS response will address one or two issues raised by the artist's initial request form and submission. The artist's creative works are submitted for a variety of reasons.

    Needs range from:

    1. Composition-refinement/embellishments-publishing/legalities addressed by TWWS professionals.
    2. Website design/templates for multimedia presentations that showcase their art.
    3. Web hosting/site maintenance packages.
    4. Establish live-performance circuits among other benefits derived from TWWS membership.


    Hmmmm. Whadiya tink? Humble beginnings.

    I actually submitted the business proposal component of TWWS for a Management and International Entrepreneurship (MIE) course that I completed at CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB) recently.

    I do enjoy the hard work of music when it involves our collaborative terms. So, in recognition of this opportunity to start the process and obtain your advice and input, I am sending this note to friends and associates as well as posting it on my website in the CM2P Newsletter section for August, 2001. It will truly take a village to raise this baby TWWS.

    Therefore, with all of your fine minds focusing on a nebulous idea such as the TWWS, the sky is the limit. We can finally make our dreams come true and hold our heads high as proud music artists making a difference for talents of today and the future. Lemme know.


    PS: Of course we will emulate good models: Motown, ASCAP, etc. Please consider TWWS as a grassroots, regional effort at this point.

    FYI: If you already have a BA/BS degree, your efforts in helping to create and establish the TWWS may apply to an ID Masters degree. HOW? Say what? Well, why not?

    Bye, for now.

    Charmaigne Scott