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Charmaigne Scott 

Charmaigne's CSUMB MS MIT Spring 2002
MS MIT Assessment Portfolio

Welcome! I am very pleased that you are a visitor. This site is created to provide our excellent professors with a convenient means of coursework assessment. I hope this site captures your interest whether or not you are involved in my education.

Biographical Information: I graduated from Cabrillo College with an AA degree in Music and an AA degree in Liberal Studies in Spring 1998. Then, I became a California State University-Monterey Bay transfer student that Summer. These associate degrees prepared me to pursue a CSUMB Integrated Studies BA degree with emphases in Computer Science (CST), Teledramatic Arts and Technology (TAT), and Music and Performing Arts (MPA). I graduated on May 26, 2001. Is it really over, is that all there is? Why no, Marigold; let's goto summer school?!*?!

I am now a grad student in the new CSUMB MS MIT program. I hope to earn a Master of Science degree in Management and Information Technology in 2004. Realistically, this very optimisticThe Lone Cyprus Tree is a Monterey, CA landmark. timeline will require serious time management skills to reach my goals. My alternate plan is to graduate at a later date in order to accommodate the unforeseen.

Although this portfolio site will change constantly in posting course content for the next 2+ years of study, you are invited to browse. Look over a few of my assignments, research, extra credit work, other courses and topics of interest. Other items will be added as I progress in MS MIT at CSUMB.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at or I bid you peace: auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, arrivederci,adios,dobre utera, sayonara, kwa heri and goodbye, for now.

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